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Clinicians Partnering in Medical Product Development with Neotech Products

by Craig McCrary with Lawrence Kiliszewski

I wanted to share the recent Neotech News article with our viewers by Craig McCrary, President of Neotech Products.

"The Neotech Meconium Aspirator... It was the first product that Neotech licensed from a clinician, a local Respiratory Therapist. Looking at it now, it seems like a pretty simple idea. But even the simplest ideas have to be thought of... and this particular one developed into a revolutionary new product.

Neotech was founded on the basis of taking unique products to market. Our Medical Director and Co-Founder, Dr. Arnold Heyman, had developed new products of his own while in practice. He had both good and bad experiences when licensing his idea to companies. Based on his experiences, we made it our mission to always treat our inventors fairly and it's proven very successful.

 We are fast to respond, friendly to work with and always pay our royalties on time. In fact, more often than not, we pay them earlier than their due date. 

 In our experience, if a person has one idea, they probably have more. We have had to turn some new ideas away, but many of those inventors have come back to us with others based on how well we treated them on their original concept. 

We also assist inventors with the "Do's and Don'ts" of product development. If you approach Neotech, it won't cost you a penny to work with us. If anyone asks you for money up front to develop your idea, be careful. We've heard some stories of people spending tens of thousands of dollars only to be left with a patent pending. Just because you have a patent, doesn't mean you will sell a product and that lesson has also been learned the hard way.

Our extensive team of skilled vendors play a big role in creating and developing these new ideas. We can make prototypes quickly, thanks to our engineering capabilities and our very own rapid prototype machine. 

For 30 years, we've taken great joy in seeing someone's idea come to fruition. In addition to the reward of royalties, our inventors also get the satisfaction of knowing that their idea is needed in the field and will truly Make a Difference."

At Zewski Corporation we are happy to work closely with Neotech in their Inventor Product Development Program. To learn more about this program please view this video. If you have a medical device idea and are looking for some support in the development of the idea, please reach out to Neotech at