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Usability Focus Group at Seattle Children's Hospital Greatly Helps Design Process

by Tim Lebita

SeattleChildrens!In September this year, I had the privilege of visiting the NICU of Seattle Children’s Hospital where I met with Rob DiBlasi, Manager Respiratory Care, Research and Quality Improvement, and his staff.  The goal of my visit was to get first-hand insight from the clinicians on the challenges concerning ET tube extubations during intubation.

After much back and forth discussion, it became clear where our focus needed to be. The team provided valuable input on the difference between designing a concept on a desktop 3,000 miles away, and designing while the end user, a 2 lb. baby, is in the next room. Through engaging in a usability focus group and examining methods of endotracheal tube securement, I was able to collect valuable feedback as well as several concept ideas. This was extremely valuable information to me to aid in designing a product that will make significant improvements to current methods of ET tube securement.

Overall, it was very positive and was a big step in the right direction of creating a product that will help make a difference in the health of these tiny lives.

I appreciate the opportunity to get this hands-on input and feedback so my design work at Zewski, and for our clients, can be as impactful as possible.