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Zewski Corp is all about Knowledge, Expertise & Relationships

by Larry Kiliszewski

Knowledge: We pride ourselves on constantly looking for more knowledge to help us in the product design realm.  We take advantage of every opportunity to work closely with the manufacturing companies, regulatory bodies and other professionals to make sure we do our best to produce a product design based on the consideration of all factors.

Expertise: Our team is experienced in four primary areas of expertise: Consumer; Sports Fitness; Medical; and Energy.  Combining these areas of expertise allows us an unusual ability to tackle projects effectively.

Relationships:  We believe it is not only our obligation to do a good job in the design arena, but to keep the customers informed and focused at all times. Because of our passion for design, we share the stress and frustrations with our clients, and we have created very close personal relationships with many of them throughout our 14 years of business.


Zewski Corporation: Knowledge, Expertise & Relationships