Our Processes & Services

5-Phase Development Planning

At Zewski, we employ a 5-Phase Development process that will take your designs completely through all or any phases required for you to complete your development project (pre-production). Our specialty is all inclusive design services.  Scroll and click, the visual key below which outlines the project activities (top) and design file deliverables (bottom).  Feel free to call us anytime for a free consultation on how we can turn your ideas into reality.


What is the idea?


Is it Viable?


How will it be designed?


Does it perform as required?


How do we build it?

Design Services:

  • Product Development Consulting
  • Discovery Packages
  • Patent Drawings 
  • Industrial Design 
  • Project Cost and Schedule Planning 
  • Preliminary 3D CAD for Visual Presentations
  • Animations
  • Verification Testing
  • Mechanical Design 
  • Inhouse Prototyping (SLA, Polyjet, FDM)
  • Verification and Validation Planning 
  • Risk Assessments
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Technical Document Preparation
  • Design Control per ISO 13485 and  21 CFR 82.30
  • Design History File Preparation

Design Resources:

  • SolidWorks Design Automation Software
  • Rhino Computer Aided Graphics Software
  • Finite Element Analysis Software (for SolidWorks)
  • Computational Flow Dynamics Software (for SolidWorks)
  • Visualize Rendering Software
  • V-Ray Rendering Software
  • PDM Software (or SolidWorks)
  • PoserPro Human Modeling Software
  • PreimierPro by Adobe
  • PhotoShop CC by Adobe
  • Animate by Adobe
  • Audition by Adobe
  • Wrike Collaboration Software
  • Wrike Project Management Software

3D Printing and Evaluation Resources:

  • In-house printing capabilities*
    • Polyjet digital ABS
    • Polyjet polypropylene-like
    • Polyjet ABS-like with colors
    • Polyjet acrylic-like 
    • Polyjet multi-shore hardness
    • Polyjet biocompatible (medical grade)
    • Polyjet multi-color, multi-material prints**
    • SLA silicone-like
    • SLA biocompatible (medical grade)
    • SLA single print colors
    • FDM ABS

*Large format and other 3d printing material and prototyping services available though external resources

**Limited colors and material options

  • In-house evaluation capabilities
    • Leak testing
    • Flow testing
    • Adhesive testing
    • Force testing
    • Cycle testing
    • Custom testing set-ups
  • External testing available
    • Cytotoxicity testing
    • Extractable and leachable testing
    • Sterilization Verification
    • Other external testing available
    • Electrical engineering


  • Hourly Work
    • 250.00/hour flat rate all services under 40 hours (for new projects)
    • Rate includes use of all in-house resources required to complete work including 3D printers
  • Scope and Preliminary Cost Generating Project Meeting - 1500.00
    • Pre-meeting research and ideation for meeting
    • 2 hours Discovery meeting
    • Post meeting project plan and cost outline for potential investors discussions
  • Project Work (typically 40 hours+ & follow-up work)
    • Billed hourly, flat 195/hr.  Fixed pricing based on project scope. External expenses are typically not included and billed separately
    • Rate includes use of all in-house resources required to complete work including 3D printers
    • Conceptual ideas must be complete before producing a fixed quote for design and prototypes