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Be Like Beyoncé...apparently I was, for at least a day

by Larry Kiliszewski

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a class of students at Sam Houston State University. I love any opportunity to speak, tell my story and hopefully inspire someone to be creative, take a leap of faith or follow their dreams.  I wanted to share this note I received from the professor following our visit (David Bier on my team joined me for the presentation/discussion):

Dear Larry,
Thank you so much for coming north and speaking to my class at Sam Houston State University about unconventional, health related careers. Most importantly, thank you to Zewski Corp not only for your time, but for sharing your stories. We were all inspired hearing about the arc of your careers and how you each trusted your talents and intuition to guide you onto your many successes.

Genesis 37:19 says, “Here comes the dreamer,” in reference to the story of Joseph and his trials and tribulations and ultimate triumph in following his dreams. Not only has Larry followed his own dream in the creation of Zewski Corp, but he helps his clients to achieve their dreams too each and every day. Furthermore, the products & the dreams that have been actualized under Larry’s tutelage have helped to save and improve lives from cradle to grave. When Larry said this was the job he was meant for and the life he was called to, his words rang true. My students were changed by his talk and inspired to think outside traditional health careers after his presentation. One student commented, he was like Beyoncé, encouraging us to, “write our own stories.” Thank you Zewski Corp!!

Best regards,

Christine Cardinal
Assistant Professor, Population Health Department
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX

First off, I love what I do!  This note struck a chord with me though because it really is a privilege to both help people achieve their dreams while you are realizing your own. For everyone out there - young and old - be creative in your life choices, your career choices.  Find what works best for you!