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Eye Opening Visit to Memorial Hermann NICU

by Tim Lebita

Memorial Hermann NICU

This week I had the opportunity to visit Southwest Memorial Hermann's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a co-worker, our Mechanical Engineer Daniel Saldana.  The purpose of our visit was to get a more detailed breakdown of the daily tasks RT’s in the NICU are faced with. Then, to further understand how we, as a design firm with a large emphasis on disposable medical products, can better understand products and procedures used in the NICU with the goal to improve them.

Respiratory Care Manager Robert Menchaca walked us through the standard formats when using different types of breathing treatments on patients, from low dosage oxygen therapy to high frequency ventilation. Later, we were able to interview the RT Team and get familiar with common issues they face when using specific products. We listened to their suggestions to make their job easier but also aid in providing better care for their patients.  We felt like this feedback was invaluable.

Overall, the visit was extremely informative.  The Zewski team gained valuable insight, insight we could never get from reading articles online or attending trade shows. We saw firsthand products being used on patients and the clinicians working to improve lives.  Thank you to Robert and his staff for having us!

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