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This Designers Think Tank - Zewski Corp Passion Series, Video 01

by Larry Kiliszewski

There's no more appropriate place to consider my passion for design than the place where I live and work and frankly, do all of my thinking. The Woodlands, Texas, is a large master planned community about 40 miles North of downtown Houston, and home of Zewski Corporation.

When we first moved here it reminded us of the trees in the mountains of Northern California (without the mountains of course) and we were instantly attracted to the area. Although work gets done in our office (technically ½ mile from Northwest Woodlands entrance), much of the planning is done during my rides and runs along the 160 miles of pathways throughout The Woodlands. Even in the heat of Texas, the shaded pathways are a perfect place to consider the work and ponder the direction of a design. If you are ever out this way, grab a bike and enjoy the serenity of our home.

Zewski Corporation: The Woodlands, this designer's think tank.

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