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A New Direction in Medical Device Translation

Posted by Larry Kiliszewski Content on 18 Jul, 2022

In 2019, during a visit to Seattle Children's Hospital and Research Center, I was surprised to learn of the number of ideas and innovations that are b...

Funding for Device Design

Posted by Daniel Saldana Content on 17 Jul, 2022

You have an idea, now what? 

We get inventors with fresh ideas walking through our door (calling us, these days) that all have the same problem: 

Our Maker Space, an Engineers Playground

Posted by Zewski Marketing Content on 19 Apr, 2020

At Zewski, we use more than just CAD, simulation, industrial design, and project management software to develop new products. We have 4000 sq-ft of en...

Dr. Bon Ku's Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

Posted by Arin Holecek Content on 30 Mar, 2020

As developers of medical devices, it’s our job to focus on the details required to take a design from concept to clinical readiness.  There is a treme...

New World Order - Working from home during COVID-19

Posted by Arin Holecek Content on 30 Mar, 2020

The Decision to Move

Zewski Corp. is located in Texas and I live in Colorado, so I was already working from home when COVID-19 hit, but as early news ...