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Plastics Assembly in Medical Devices

Plastics in Medical Devices

Our Capabilities: Design, 3D Printing, Evaluation.

Dr. Bon Ku's Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

New World Order - Working from home during COVID-19

When Business Isn't Just Business

COVID-19 Update from Zewski Corp.

Incubators, Hospitals, Universities, Grants and Today's Zewski Corp.

A Look at a Common Medical Device Design Issue

Monkey Business - Designing for Aesthetics and Functionality

Cross-Industry Experience can Enhance an Engineer's Value by Leading to a More Effective Decision-Making Approach

Medical Device Design, from a Biomedical Engineer

Recent Medical Technology Breakthroughs Enhancing Care to Patients

8 Challenges Inventors Face With New Product Design

Put Down the Phone: Take Networking Personally and Utilize Modern Marketing - Outside of the Office

CAD Tools for Maximum Visual Output in Medical Devices

SolidWorks: 3D CAD Software for the Professional Designer

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5 Cool Inventions Created by Kids

Cost to Bring a Consumer Product to Market for a Start-up - Manufacturing

Great Options for Product Design Software for the inventor

A Brief History of 3D Printers

Innovative Medical Devices of the Past Century

5 Inventions That Changed Everything

ZewskiCorp's 15 Years in Business: History, Growth and Our Crazy Slogan

Patents – How and Why to File a Patent

Designing A New Product – What’s The Right Process?

Automation - it's not a bad thing!

Usability Focus Group at Seattle Children's Hospital Greatly Helps Design Process

Designing for the Source

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(Updated Post) Cardionics SimSuit & SimSHIRT explained by Steven Umbach

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Eye Opening Visit to Memorial Hermann NICU

ZewskiCorp Travels 36k

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Balancing Family, Work and Health…Try Martial Arts

MDM West 2018

AARC Indianapolis 2017

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This Designers Think Tank - Zewski Corp Passion Series, Video 01

Neotech Products - 30 years serving the in NICU community

Why I draw in my silly little book when I have 32G of RAM sitting right here…

It's a boy! And now, they are outnumbered...

The Tige' AlphaZ Wakeboard Tower 2008-2016, a story few know...

Cardionics SimSHIRT Named Finalist for IDEA 2017

Zewski Corp launches sister company, ZewParts LLC at

Clinicians Partnering in Medical Product Development with Neotech Products

Congratulations to Rock On The Go, 2017 JMPA Invention Award Finalist

Be Like Beyoncé...apparently I was, for at least a day

Interdependent Consulting Method Explained

Neotech Products - A Company Built on Passion and Love For Its Clients

Photo-realistic Rendering

What Exactly is Industrial Design?

Engineers Solve Problems

Computational Fluid Dynamics

October 14th-17th AARC San Antonio

Whats new this year at Zewski Corp? 2016 NeoTexas

Zewski Corp. Welcomes Van Brackin to the team!

Zewski Corporation adds Rhino, VRay and Bongo to our Tool Kit